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This script has been tested using PHP7.3 +, whereas your version is: 7.0.33. Although this script may work with older versions you do so at your own risk. Please update php and try again

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Safe Search and Replace on Database with Serialized Data v4.1.3

This developer/sysadmin tool carries out search/replace functions on MySQL DBs and can handle serialised PHP Arrays and Objects.

WARNINGS! Ensure data is backed up. There is NO UNDO! Be careful running this script on a production server.

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Delete this utility from your server after use by clicking the 'delete me' button. It represents a major security threat to your database if maliciously used.

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We don't put links on the search replace UI itself to avoid seeing URLs for the script in our access logs.

Again, use Of This Script Is Entirely At Your Own Risk

The easiest and safest way to use this script is to copy your site's files and DB to a new location. You then, if required, fix up your .htaccess and wp-config.php appropriately. Once done, run this script, select your tables (in most cases all of them) and then enter the search replace strings. You can press back in your browser to do this several times, as may be required in some cases.